Value Based Healthcare Conference (VBHC) Danny Havenith's Keynote Speech

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The 4th European Value-Based Procurement Conference

Danny Havenith, President of the European Health Public Procurement Alliance (EHPPA) and CEO of MercurHosp, highlighted the need to build a VBP community to dissolve the lines between patients, institutions, physicians and industry, and between stakeholders in regions and countries across Europe. Together, this community can move value to the centre of procurement decisions and turn the theory of value-based healthcare into practice.

In a few words, procurement related to value-based Healthcare concerns transparency, patient experience and quality. We try to put this quality aspects inside procurement to quantify quality

Our challenge with these aspects is essentially to quantify quality while doing procurement and to exchange in our sector through intersections with the industry.

EHPPA is part of the Procurement for Health Project supported by the European Commission – DG Growth bringing together more than 40 healthcare procurement associations in the EU.

Therefore, we want to create a Value-based procurement for Healthcare Community that brings together all the people in a sector that is highly fragmented for healthcare procurement.

The topic of the conference was ‘Sustainability’ which is always the multiplication between transparency and digitalization and the need of big data to compare, to quantify quality and to exchange together as procurers in an intersection with the industry. To bring forward this idea about Value – patient added value transparency and quality to have a better sustainable world ecologically and socially.

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