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Fédérations hospitalières

Dans le cadre de la consolidation de certains projets du monde hospitalier et pour assurer des contacts transparents avec toutes les institutions en cette période de création des réseaux hospitaliers, nous assurons un contact étroit avec les fédérations hospitalières, notamment :


EHPPA - European Health Public Procurement Alliance is a non-profit organisation that represents a network of Group Procurement Organisations (GPOs). Its primary objective is to provide its members with a strategic position in the European health procurement market by pooling their expertise, leveraging their performance, and promoting collaboration among members.

EHPPA has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare public procurement sector, making it well-placed to support the Healthcare Buyers Community. The organisation's members comprise some of the most significant players in the European health procurement market, giving EHPPA a broad network of contacts and resources.

One of EHPPA’s key strengths is its expertise in health procurement policy and regulation.  EHPPA members are subject to strict European public procurement regulations and many have extensive experience in navigating the procurement landscape. As a result, EHPPA can provide valuable guidance and support to the Healthcare Buyers Community in navigating this complex regulatory environment, while supporting our shared goals of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.

As an accomplished healthcare management professional, the Chairman of EHPPA, Danny Havenith has over 15 years of experience in the sector. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead high-performing teams as hospital CEO and organisations, including MercurHosp ASBL, the central procurement body of Wallonian & Brussels Hospitals, where he is currently General Manager.

An experienced project- and network manager with a decade of expertise building connections with European institutions, Louis Potel is the EHPPA Vice-President in charge of External Relationships, where he has been actively involved since its establishment in 2012. He works as Director of Innovation & International Affairs at Resah, the French National Public Group Purchasing Organisation specialising in the healthcare and social sector, and founding member of EHPPA.

Connect with all our founding organisations - EHPPA, HealthPRO Canada and Health Proc Europe Association on the Healthcare Buyers Community.


L’ACAH est la deuxième centrale d’achat sur le territoire Wallon. Persuadés que la collaboration est une plus-value pour tout le secteur, nous favorisons l’échange et la coopération. En 2021, sous forme d’une société simple, nous avons réalisé en commun le projet des marchés publics pour les institutions médico-sociales de l’AVIQ.

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Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc

Il s’agit d’un des membres fondateurs de MercurHosp 2013-2020 avec lequel nous continuons de collaborer sur différents marchés.

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SPF Santé public

Collaboration durant la crise Covid au sein de différents workgroups fédéraux, en partenariat avec les Fédérations hospitalières (UNESSA et GIBBIS).

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La Région Wallonne a mandaté en 2021 MercurHosp et l’ACAH afin de passer, pour leurs institutions médico-sociales, des marchés publics de masques, blouses et de gants.

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